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Ethics and the General Counsel

My guess is that almost none of the people reading this blog consider themselves rich. Some are probably well off. Some are students, who don't, at least yet, have a great deal of money. Even those of us who think they're financially stable would probably class ourselves as relatively "ordinary". But compared to almost everyone who lived before 1850 or thereabouts, we are all fabulously rich, in terms of what we can afford and what we own. We've just come to take that fact for granted. I'm typing this blog on an Apple MacBook Pro in the South of France. I flew here with my family on EasyJet. Each of you is reading this on an amazing piece of electronic equipment, maybe an iPad, a Dell PC, a ThinkPad, an iPhone or something similar. You own a mobile phone, along with almost everyone in developed countries and increasing numbers in developing ones. You've got a fridge, a washing machine, central heating, probably a car. You've almost certainly travelle